Pine Creek Nutrition

Knowledge, passion, and integrity for our client's success.

Who We Are

Since 1986, Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. (PCNS) has provided practical dairy nutrition consulting and management services based on sound science and economics. Our consulting animal nutritionists offer a combined 130 plus years of consulting experience to benefit our clients. We also offer substantial large herd management and industry support experience. 

The management team of Pine Creek® Nutrition Services, Inc. includes Dennis Daugherty, Jim Tully, Brian Rainey, and Steve Riesenbeck. These managing partners are responsible for consulting oversight and overall PCNS direction.


Integrity, Passion, and Commitment with Accountability. These are the Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. core values. They are not just words on paper. They are the code by which we operate.


Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. provides dairy nutrition and production management consulting for dairies in the Western and Midwestern United States. We serve:


Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. was founded in April 1986 by Dr. Dennis Daugherty. Dennis' goal was to establish a progressive, independent, and service-oriented consulting firm that provides ever expanding services beyond simply formulating rations.


Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. benefits from the education and training of an extremely well-rounded team including five PhDs, two Diplomats of the American College of Animal Nutrition, and two MBAs. All consultants are members of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.