Core Values

Integrity, Passion, and Commitment with Accountability

These are our PCNS core values. They are not just words on paper. They are the code by which we operate. This code is so much more than the minimum operating procedure. It is how we carry ourselves, how we are viewed, and who we are. These core values apply to everyone within the organization: the leadership team, lead consultants, associate consultants, office staff, clerical staff, and interns. 

Integrity – In All We Do

Integrity is the foundation on which all our values rest. We must consistently hold ourselves accountable to moral and ethical standards. We must be straightforward in our conduct with upright character, with an adherence to honesty in all that we present. We will carry out our actions with transparency, clarity, dedication, and fairness. We will uphold this code of incorruptible values in all circumstances. 

Passion – For the Success of Our Clients and Our Industry

We are enthusiastically driven and devoted to the concept that the success of our clients, and our industry, is paramount in our relationships with them. We internalize the belief that our clients are extensions of our PCNS family, and we foster and demand individual and team accountability in our client relationships. We are proud of the success of our clients and the progress of their businesses. We acknowledge and accept the great trust and responsibility inherent in our relationships, as we become part of our clients’ family businesses. This intense passion for success extends to the entire industry. 

Commitment – To Team and Family

We are entrusted with safeguarding our team members just as we do our families. As team members, we will commit to working tirelessly and at times sacrificing personally for the good of all who have placed their trust in us. We will hold each other accountable to these commitments. As team members, we are impelled to find balance in this obligation.  

With integrity, passion, and commitment, we will foster this trust and confidence, for the good of our team and our families.