Pine Creek Nutrition Service, Inc.®

“Knowledge, Passion and Integrity for our client’s success.”

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Cal Mast, Dirk-C Holsteins

I’m NEVER without assistance… PERIOD!

For the past 28 years, Dennis Daugherty has serviced Dirk-C Holsteins and Calori-D. 10% of our herd is registered and we show at numerous shows across the nation.

What’s great about PCNS? If Dennis isn’t available, Jason Brixey is and he handles what my cows need. I’m NEVER without assistance… PERIOD! This service is extended to my son, Stephen the herdsman his relationship is equally as good with PCNS.

I would recommend PCNS to anyone. Dennis or Jason visit monthly, they walk thru the herd, sample feeds, check new silage; evaluate rations and cow comfort issues. Everything is hands on.

We appreciate their service, their one on one contact, their knowledge and above all their friendship.

Cal Mast, Dirk-C Holsteins

Mark Ahlem, Chuck Ahlem Ranch

“We have been working with Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. for 15 years."

It is great working with a company that provides a team effort! I can call on Todd or any of the consultants for input.

They utilize various feed ingredients (even unusual ones) to keep costs minimized while maintaining high production and herd health. Todd works closely with our vet to help us meet our goals in reproduction, culling, and overall profitability.

PCNS® is concerned with the bottom line. Nutrition knowledge is just part of their package. The management experience Todd brings to the table helps us to better evaluate any changes we may want to implement. I would highly recommend Pine Creek to any dairyman, although I’d rather keep them to myself!

Mark Ahlem, Chuck Ahlem Ranch

Steve Maddox, Maddox Dairy

“I highly recommend Pine Creek® Nutrition Service, Inc. to my fellow dairymen because their goal is the success of their clients.”

We have an excellent 24-year standing relationship with PCNS starting with Dennis Daugherty. One of the many things I like about PCNS is that they fit in the rations to our management style. Today Ed Vieira is our primary consultant and he brings with him large-herd management experience. He has had experience paying the bills and understands what dairymen are going through.

Steve Maddox, Maddox Dairy